We imagine it's pretty tough being Mel Gibson these days, what with a very messy (and very public) divorce looming, as well as allegations of domestic violence and, well, a whole bunch of leaked audio tapes that make Christian Bale's on-set tirade look like a quiet poetry reading. And while Gibson has already lost representation through the William Morris Agency, that doesn't seem to be stopping him from getting back to work on the big screen. According to the New York Post, Gibson's next role (and his first to be shot since this latest mess spilled all over the web) will be of the cameo variety in 'The Hangover 2'.

They claim (via sources) that the deal is done, and Gibson will shoot his role in two weeks on the Warner Bros. lot. He'll be playing a Bangkok tattoo artist who (presumably) the boys encounter at some point during another wacky, dirty, foul-mouthed adventure through Thailand. The paper notes that part of their Thailand trip will be shot on the Warners lot before production moves to Thailand later this month. Gibson's cameo will come following the highly talked-about cameo Mike Tyson made in the first installment; a cameo that helped revitalize the troubled entertainer's career. Could they do the same thing for Gibson in the sequel?

Gibson still has Jodie Foster's 'The Beaver' left to be released. This is a role he shot prior to the relationship controversy, and it finds him playing a man who travels around with a puppet Beaver on his hand and treats it like a real, living creature. The role is said to be one of his best ever -- some have even gone so far as to say it's Oscar worthy -- but even with all that buzz, a release date still has not been set. Perhaps they should wait and ride off the hype Gibson's cameo will bring to 'The Hangover 2', which arrives in theaters on May 26th, 2011. What do you think? Will this save his career?
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