One day -- maybe in a decade, maybe in a hundred years from now -- someone is going to make the Uwe Boll biopic ... and it will be glorious.

Think of the character arc: German independent filmmaker struggles through hardships and dreams of making movies before stumbling into a career making abysmal low-budget films via a German tax loophole which somehow turns into a pseudo-Hollywood career, adapting video games into slightly more expensive disasters, raising fanboy ire to an unprecedented level and becoming the most hated filmmaker on the internet. And that's before he literally takes on some of his critics in a boxing ring. Oh, and he's a doctor.

His films may be terrible, but Uwe Boll may be one of the most fascinating figures working in film today; a man who's embraced his image as a madman director who funds his films with long-lost Nazi gold. That's why 'Raging Boll,' a documentary about his life and career, should make for incredible viewing at this year's Austin Film Festival. Watch the trailer after the jump.