Sidney Prescott, Ghostface, a ringing telephone ... it's like a time warp back to 1996. The trailer for Dimensions Film's 'Scream 4' made its debut at the Spike TV Scream Awards. You'll be able to see the whole thing again when the show airs Tuesday, October 19 (and, presumably, online at some point this week), but thanks to fan phone cams, there's a peek at what's in store for the 'Scream' crew after the jump.

It's just a teaser, but there's a bit of carnage to whet your appetite, a few quick glances at the teen-friendly, disposable cast and the return of some character favorites (Neve Campbell and the Arquettes -- older and wiser?). The real selling point here, of course, is the return of director Wes Craven after a 10-year hiatus from the series. His recent effort, the ghastly 'My Soul to Take,' was an anti-climactic reunion with the fans and the 'Scream' sequels were nothing to write home about -- so there's a lot riding on number four with Cravenites. Also, it's nice to see writer Kevin Williamson getting a shot at continuing his own series -- for better or worse.

Check out the teaser clip below and let us know if it makes you anxious for more, or if you think Craven's just phoning this one in.