Once again, blades are flying across the rink, sticks are slapping against the ice and the puck is flying to and fro. Yes, it's hockey season. But today's hockey isn't yesterday's hockey. Our modern sensibilities require a little more refinement, a lot less blood and add safety measures like helmets and improved padding. But it wasn't always this way. In the good ol' days, it was all bare-heads, fiery machismo and bloody fights. The danger and violence were a part of the game just as much as shooting talent and fancy skate work.

And though times have changed, there's no movie that signifies hockey season better than 'Slap Shot.' Sure, there are flicks like 'Youngblood' that might try and fight for the top spot, but nothing compares to the film where real hockey players took to the ice with actors who knew how to skate. Writer Nancy Dowd originally envisioned the film as a documentary, and though it's a wild, fictional comedy, it maintains that sense of reality, that passion for the ice.
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