To celebrate unique chillers and thrillers you may not have seen, Moviefone is spotlighting the best foreign horror films in a variety of categories. If you're up for a good scare -- and don't mind reading the occasional subtitle -- then consider this a world history lesson.

Up first: slasher films. Most people think a slasher film is nothing more than low-budget, cheesy schlock filled with scantily-clad babysitters and laughably-bad acting. But these international slasher films present dangerous new terrors from an exotic collection of horror masters.
Blood and Black Lace
Not Yet Rated1964
In Theaters on January 1st, 1964

A masked man with a claw stalks models at a couple's (Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok) salon. Read More

Wolf Creek
Based on 26 critics

Stranded motorists (Nathan Phillips, Cassandra Magrath) meet a killer (John Jarratt) in the Outback. Read More