Francis Ford Coppola's iconic 'Apocalypse Now' arrives on Blu-ray this week with the most comprehensive and gloriously time-consuming collection of bonus materials fans of the film will ever see. In addition to all of the existing standard-definition extras, there are several new interviews including lengthy clips with Coppola and Martin Sheen, and perhaps most importantly, high-definition presentation of both the film (which has never looked better) and its sibling documentary 'Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse.' Add that to the fact that this new set is apparently the first-ever home video release which presents the feature film in its correct aspect ratio, and you've got your first stop tomorrow morning at your local Blu-ray retailer.

For those who can't wait to dive into all of those delicious bonus materials, Lionsgate provided Cinematical with an exclusive clip from the film, where Coppola discusses the casting of various characters, and shows footage from screen tests and auditions including those of Sam Bottoms, who plays Pvt. Johnson in the film, and Nick Nolte, who doesn't appear in the film but was considered for one of its biggest roles. Check out the clip below: