How to dress up like Hit-Girl from 'Kick-Ass' for Halloween:

The Costume:
Undercover Hit-Girl (Chloë Moretz) from 'Kick-Ass.'

What You'll Need: We understand that the schoolgirl costume has been totally overdone. However, for the budget-minded, this is an amazing way to repurpose a skirt that's been collecting dust for three years. Even if you don't already have the plaid skirt, this is a quick way to make a clever costume that is sexy but not slutty.

Bonus: Guys will even ignore the women dressed as slutty cats and French maids to talk 'Kick-Ass' with you.

First, you can pick up a Catholic schoolgirl costume at most costume and theme-lingerie shops, and hundreds pop up when searched for sale online. Hit-Girl wears a green plaid skirt, which is a little less common than red. The sewing savvy lady can easily find the material at a fabric store and make one at home (most costumes include a shorter skirt than she wears anyway).
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