It looks like things are really moving forward on director Stephen Norrington and writer Nick Cave's upcoming 'The Crow,' at least enough that they've apparently gone ahead and offered the lead role to Mark Wahlberg, or so says Bloody Disgusting.

For those unfamiliar with the property, 'The Crow' is based on a comic book series (of course it is) about a man who is mysteriously resurrected from the grave after a group of no-good criminal types murder him and the love of his life. Of course, the newly un-dead hero is kinda immortal and plots all sorts of vengeance against the men who took his life and that of his lady. 'The Crow' was previously made into a 1994 film directed by Alex Proyas, which is more famous for the death of its young star, Brandon Lee, than for its actual content. The film also inspired a lengthy run of direct-to-video movies and a short-lived TV series.

Strangely, this may make this version of 'The Crow' a simultaneous remake, reboot and re-adaptation, a new record in this crazy day and age where every film is a "re-" something.
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