When Marvel announced that 'The Incredible Hulk' would be returning to television in the wake of Warner's plans to revive 'Wonder Woman' for the small screen, the knee jerk reaction was to chalk it up to nostalgia programming. We've already seen 'Battlestar Galactica,' 'The Bionic Woman,' and 'Knight Rider' revived for TV; these moves just looked like more of that. However, a deeper look at Marvel's plans reveals that this isn't a retro cash-in, but part of a bigger push to establish their brand on television with the same success they've had on film.

We're not just getting 'The Incredible Hulk,' but, according to The Hollywood Reporter, 'Cloak and Dagger' too (about a pair of teenage runaways in NYC who gain their powers at the hands of an evil pharmaceutical company). If Marvel has their way, you'll also see 'Heroes for Hire,' 'Ka-Zar,' 'Moon Knight,' 'The Eternals,' 'The Punisher,' and more as live-action adventures. Serialized television is so similar to the format of a monthly comic book series that I'm surprised 'Smallville' seems to be the only comic-based show to truly take advantage of the format.
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