At the New York Film Festival press conference for 'Inside Job,'Charles Ferguson responded to a question regarding the choice of Matt Damon as narrator. Ferguson said his reason was because the actor obviously has a familiar voice and character and -- possibly more importantly -- "he's known to have political concerns in an intelligent way." Damon in turn came aboard as a fan of Ferguson's Oscar-nominated 'No End in Sight' and ended up participating more than merely providing some recognizable speech. The director says the actor had a lot of input on the script and pretty much fixed the film's original, "very quirky convoluted" ending.

This wasn't the first time Damon literally got vocal for a cause by narrating a documentary. Two years ago he executive produced and spoke over James Moll's 'Running the Sahara,' through which he hoped to raise awareness of the African drinking-water crisis. That film and issue aren't as popular as one intending to be the last word on the economic crisis (at least up to now), so perhaps Damon's involvement, especially his voice-over, attracted more of an audience than it would have otherwise with some unknown voice actor. Then again, maybe his political leanings also repel other potential viewers.