The Movie:'Frankenstein' (1931)

The Scene: "Quite a good scene, isn't it?" Doctor Victor Frankenstein (Colin Clive) implores his audience while hovering protectively over the shrouded human form that he stitched together from stolen cadavers. "One man, crazy. Three very sane spectators."

Frankenstein's corpse creation is hoisted through a hatch, into the night sky during an electric storm. One lightning blast later and the form is lowered back down into the doctor's lab. A moment passes, then...a twitch. The monster's hand lifts, and Frankenstein looks on, fascinated.

"It's alive!" he declares in hysterical fear and elation. "It's alive! In the name of God, now I know what it feels like to be God!" Frankenstein reels with the mad rush of creation, and a single unreal moment is made so real on film that it still holds every ounce of its raw power almost 80 years later.
Not Yet Rated1931
In Theaters on November 21st, 1931

Baron (Colin Clive) creates monster (Boris Karloff) from cadavers and killer's brain. Read More

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