How to dress like Joaquin Phoenix from 'I'm Still Here' for Halloween:

The Costume:
The grizzly version of Academy Award nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix that emerged after he announced he's quitting the business to focus on a rap career, which is the focus of the Casey Affleck mockumentary 'I'm Still Here.'

What You'll Need: The best part of this crazy character is that you can probably assemble most of his wardrobe by fishing through your own closet. It's quite simple really -- all you need is a black suit and tie, a white button-down and a pair of black plastic sunglasses. Or you can pick these things up at most thrift stores.

The real effort will be finding and shaping a wig and fake beard. Oddly enough, there's a whole crop of "biblical beards" that, with a little trimming, could look just like Phoenix's unkempt facial hair. Some even provide a rich head of hair -- perfect for cropping, Phoenix-style.
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