We learned long ago that nothing in Hollywood is really sacred. Any classic is ripe for the remake pool, whether we're talking about a shot-for-shot remake of 'Psycho,' a cannibalization of 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' or a Latifah-themed re-do of Alec Guinness' black comedy classic, 'Last Holiday.' One of these days we're sure to get another 'Gone with the Wind,' and maybe even 'Citizen Kane,' as much as we shudder to think of the possibility.

But there's one possibly brewing now that will boil many fans right to the bone, because it's one of the most worthy Tinseltown classics. This film stands the test of time, offering laughs, murder mystery and intrigue in a wildly progressive package. Though released in 1934, its female characterizations rival much of what we see today, and it boasts two of the most charismatic and beloved romantic duos the screen has ever seen.

The film is the four-time Oscar nominated 'The Thin Man,' and according to the rumor mill, Johnny Depp wants to remake it with 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' and 'Chicago' helmer Rob Marshall.
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