Sandra Bullock redefined female success in 2009. Her work in 'The Blind Side' earned her an Oscar for Best Actress, just as she won a Razzie for her widely panned romcom 'All About Steve,' which she accepted as a good sport. But her success went beyond statuesque rewards. 'The Proposal' earned piles of money -- a $40 million budget leading to a gross of over $300 million. Her success made her the top money-making star of 2009, and she became the first actress to have a film that grossed over $200 million marketed with her name solely above the title.

Naturally, that would suggest that she should once again team up with 'Proposal' director Anne Fletcher, and it looks like she is, in a project that somehow mixes disco dancing and the story of a woman dumped by her husband after years of marriage.
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