Even though at least two or three major motion pictures are released every week, it seems like choices for true cinephiles are getting fewer and further between. Mind you, we're all big fans of 'Jackass 3D', and there's nothing we'd rather do than join the septuagenarian set for a Saturday afternoon screening of Hilary Swank's latest based-on-a-true-story docudrama. But the fact is that there are tons and tons of different options all across the country for folks who want to watch films that fall off the beaten path. And the problem is that it's hard to know where or when these films are showing, specifically because they're off the radar, underpromoted, or otherwise obscure in comparison to the studio juggernauts that typically dominate the entertainment landscape.

Inspired by our own love of repertory houses, and of movie-related materials in general, we're assembling a weekly calendar of hand-picked screenings, events and opportunities at theaters and other venues across the country. Take a look at our picks below and feel free to send in any links, suggestions, or feedback to leads AT cinematical.com. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at any of these events!
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