Ben Affleck
may have launched into orbit with 'Armageddon' in 1998, but only now is he finally back on top of the world where he belongs. It's been a long and circuitous road -- one riddled with potholes the size of Jennifer Lopez -- but with the modest yet complete success of 'The Town' (for which Affleck both directed and acted), the charming and uncommonly bright movie star has finally regained full control over a career that once seemed beyond hope.

For such an icon to ascend from the dubious likes of 'Gigll' and 'Surviving Christmas' to being the face of solid, original adult fare like 'The Town' is a "there and back again" story so epic and unlikely it makes Frodo's journey to Mordor seem like a walk in the park. So what's Affleck's next move? What does he do to cement his position in the Hollywood firmaments? Affleck has been working for about 20 years to make good on his potential, and Deadline is reporting that he's found a script that's done the same.
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