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The tag line for 'The Company Men,' the new Ben Affleck movie set to hit theatres this week, says it all. "In America, we give our lives to our jobs. It's time to take them back." Right off the bat, we know the flick is going to feature some life-changing epiphany, where at least one of the main characters realizes it's time to put down the Crackberry and start living life.

In the wake of the biggest economic downturn since The Great Depression, a premise like this is sure to resonate with a big chunk of the population. After all, people have recently learned the hard way that no matter how much of your life you devote to "the man," you can still get that pink slip any time. And even if you do manage to avoid the axe, landing that corner office won't mean anything if you had to sacrifice friends and family to get there, as so many movies have hammered over our heads before this one.

'The Company Men' follows a group of recently downsized corporate employees as they try to rebuild their lives. Affleck's character is offered a dry walling job by his brother-in-law, played by Kevin Costner. Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Maria Bello and Rosemarie DeWitt round out the substantial cast, and John Wells ('ER') directs.

There's certainly no shortage of movies centered on the premise that there's more to life than work. As North American culture continues to define people by what they do, this "work isn't everything" genre will undoubtedly thrive, appealing to the corporate drones who are longing for their own life-changing epiphany to free them from the ladder climb.

In honor of 'The Company Men,' here's a look at the Top 5 reformed movie workaholics.
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