Billy (Nick Stahl) has a problem. After having recently broken up with his girlfriend (Beau Garrett), he moves back to Northern Virginia to live with his parents in the hopes that a return to familiar family and friends will help him get his life back on track. Trouble is his best friend Stanley (Jonathan Jackson) has changed. Casual investigations into his friend's erratic behavior only make matters worse as they reveal things like blood-stained clothing in Stanley's possession.

Putting it that way, James M. Hausler's 'Kalamity' (opening in New York and L.A. on October 22nd) sounds like it could be strictly a horror movie, but it's not. Yes, it involves murder, but blood shed and intrigue isn't the main motive here. 'Kalamity' is a well written, starkly realistic drama about how people, particularly friends, change over time; about how you can never go home again; and about whether you actually should try to go back to your old life.

Plus it's got a great cast. Stahl is a perfect match for Billy, a man who plenty of recently graduated, career drifting adult males will identify with, and he's surrounded by a number of standout performances (particularly Jonathan Jackson) and welcome faces (Robert Forster as his father, for one).

Cinematical recently spoke to Stahl about 'Kalamity.' It was a brief chat, but we broached not only the themes mentioned above, but Stahl's recent turn in 'Mirrors 2,' as well as whether or not there was any chance we'd ever see a 'Carnivale' comeback of some kind.
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