Do you like 'Tron'? Are you looking forward to 'Tron Legacy'? Do you like 3D movies? Do you hate those uncomfortable, un-hip, plastic wrapped 3D glasses they give you at the theater? Do you want to look cool while watching your 3D picture show? Would you like 3D glasses that you could wear to the movie theater and while snowboarding? Do you have a spare $150 lying around?

If you just said "Yes!" six times then be prepared to fall out of your chair and change your pants, because Oakley is about to make you, the 'Tron'-loving 3D aficionado with disposable income, very happy. Oakley's website has the info: Disney and Oakley are teaming up to create limited edition 3D glasses designed to reflect 'Tron's unique visual style, transforming you into the most styling 3D movie watcher on the block ... and, to be fair, a walking advertisement for 'Tron Legacy.'
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Tron: Legacy
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