At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, I was assigned to cover the Hall H panel for 'The Green Lantern,' Martin Campbell's big-budget adaptation of the DC Comics character which stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, and Peter Sarsgaard. Although I was immediately familiar with the folks working on the film, my knowledge of the character upon which it's based was decidedly less complete; in fact, it was limited mostly to the comic books I dimly remember from my childhood and a poster I received at that time, for free, which I think may still hold up the wall in my childhood bedroom closet. Regardless, I was reassured enough by the choice of the participants involved in the adaptation, as well as Warner Brothers' mostly-consistent pedigree as adapters of comic-book based material, to get excited about the information and footage that would be revealed in the panel.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much to see.

Particularly given the mixed reception that met with the images that appeared in an issue of Entertainment Weekly just weeks before Comic-Con, I'd expected the filmmakers to come out full throttle with a sizzle reel that offered plenty of steak, too. But other than a few unfinished effects shots and some oblique references to what lay unrevealed in the film, there wasn't much to behold. But within a week of publishing a reaction piece, I found myself standing in a warehouse in New Orleans, surrounded by enough concept art, character drawings and plot details to ensure that any lack of confidence in the film was summarily erased. And in its place, there were (and are now) expectations that I can only hope that 'Green Lantern' will live up to, since few other films, even tentpole blockbusters, probably can.
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