Limiting Clint Eastwood's greatest roles to a mere ten films is a damn near Sisyphean task. Over 55 years of movie-making, the steely-eyed actor/director has created so many indelible characters, it's hard to imagine them all coming from the same mortal man.

With the release of the supernatural thriller 'Hereafter,' it's a good time to look back on some of Eastwood's most memorable characters. We did have two rules: Only one movie could be considered per series -- hence the omission of 'A Fistful Of Dollars,' 'Magnum Force' and the like -- and films directed by, but not starring, Eastwood were discounted ('Bird,''Mystic River,' etc.). The debate begins ... now.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Movie Poster
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Based on 7 critics

In the Southwest during the Civil War, a mysterious stranger, Joe (Clint Eastwood), and a Mexican outlaw,... Read More

Unforgiven Movie Poster
Based on 33 critics

When prostitute Delilah Fitzgerald (Anna Thomson) is disfigured by a pair of cowboys in Big Whiskey,... Read More

Dirty Harry Movie Poster
Dirty Harry
Based on 9 critics

Cop Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) attempts to track down a psychopathic rooftop killer before a kidnapped... Read More

In the Line of Fire Movie Poster
In the Line of Fire
Based on 16 critics

A Secret Service agent is taunted by calls from a would-be killer who has detailed information about... Read More

Play Misty for Me Movie Poster
Play Misty for Me
In Theaters on December 29, 2002

Popular radio show host Dave Garver (Clint Eastwood) becomes restless in his relationship with his girlfriend... Read More

High Plains Drifter Movie Poster
High Plains Drifter
In Theaters on September 6, 2003

In this Western, a drifter with no name (Clint Eastwood) wanders into a small town, where his gun-slinging... Read More

The Outlaw Josey Wales Movie Poster
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Based on 9 critics

Josey Wales (Clint Eastwood) watches helplessly as his wife and child are murdered, by Union men led... Read More

Million Dollar Baby Movie Poster
Million Dollar Baby
Based on 39 critics

Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood) is a veteran Los Angeles boxing trainer who keeps almost everyone at arm's... Read More

Escape From Alcatraz Movie Poster
Escape From Alcatraz
Based on 9 critics

Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood), a hardened con with a history of prison breaks, is sent to serve the rest... Read More

Hang 'Em High Movie Poster
Hang 'Em High
In Theaters on 1968

After a gang of men unsuccessfully attempts to lynch him for a cattle rustling crime he did not commit,... Read More