Nowhere BoyWhat has become the role that young actors in Hollywood are coveting? According to Deadline, it's the titular role in 'Jack the Giant Killer,' a dark fantasy that's scheduled to begin shooting next spring. The same source claims that director Bryan Singer favors Aaron Johnson, the British actor who has convincingly played an American geek in 'Kick-Ass' and a young John Lennon in 'Nowhere Boy' (pictured).

The report is in the rumor bin right now, as many actors are being considered to play Jack. The fairy tale has been told in many different ways over the years and has often been combined with the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale, but don't expect Bryan Singer's Jack to be some foolish boy who climbs a beanstalk in search of riches. As described when Singer signed on for the project, Jack is a farmer who is chosen to lead an expedition to rescue a princess after she is kidnapped by a giant. (All those who immediately thought of the ogre 'Shrek' and his rescue of Princess Fiona, please raise your hand.) Is he chosen because he has previous experience killing giants, or because he is a possible suitor for the princess? Will the princess end up rescuing herself while Jack is busy battling the giant?
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