In case you missed it, last night Comedy Central aired its 'Night of Too Many Stars' charity concert to benefit autism education. The event, which was hosted by Jon Stewart, featured a whole bunch of well-known comedians and Hollywood actors all coming together for a good cause and pulling off some pretty hilarious stunts all in the name of raising a bunch of money.

A couple of the highlights include Chris Rock auctioning off a foul-mouthed phone call to anyone who was scorned by an ex lover. One woman wound up paying $20,000 to have Rock call her ex-boyfriend and go off on him after the guy dumped her via Facebook last year by posting images of himself with another woman. Rock got the guy on the phone, and, among other things, told him that he hoped "al-Qaida gets on a f--king truck, straps on some dynamite and f--king blows your d--k off." The joke is ultimately on the ex, though, because if she's got $20 grand to blow on a Chris Rock phone call, then that dude obviously broke up with the wrong lady. In another stand-out moment, Rock was joined by Tracy Morgan on stage for a rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's 'Scarborough Fair', which was interrupted by a familiar guest.

One of the night's other highlights belonged to Steve Carell, who auctioned off a chance to hear him orgasm live on stage. Two women -- one of them being Naomi Watts -- forked over $10 grand before joining Carell on stage and holding his hand for the live orgasm, which, we admit, probably wouldn't be worth the price of a bagel on any other night. Check out those videos after the jump, and learn more about the autism benefit over on their official site.