Like 'The Blair Witch Project,''Paranormal Activity' traded on three things: the audience's desire to believe what we're seeing is true despite any evidence to the contrary, the fear of the unseen, and word of mouth that bolstered the pretense that the movie was actually made from found footage. 'Paranormal Activity 2' tries valiantly to follow in its predecessor's invisible and spooky footsteps, and it succeeds at times, but in the end it leaves us high, dry, and wide open for a third movie. What's strange, though, is the filmmakers' seeming reluctance to give up the pretense that this is all fake, even down to casting unknowns and not listing their names anywhere. Even the house and furniture look the same. This by-the-numbers attitude eventually filters down to a dissatisfying ending that literally left the audience shouting at the screen in disappointment.