We've had about a month to imagine what a Steven Spielberg-directed 'Terminator' movie might look like. In September, rumor circulated that the filmmaker was considering a project at DreamWorks called 'Robopocalypse,' about a seemingly Skynet-like uprising of machines, as a possible directorial gig. Deadline has since confirmed he will indeed tackle this blockbuster with a starting date as soon as January. The studio will distribute through Disney's Touchstone Pictures in 2013.

'Robopocalypse' is to be based on a book by Daniel H. Wilson ('How to Build a Robot Army;' 'How to Survive a Robot Apocalypse') that won't even be published until next June. But DreamWorks received the epic sci-fi work in sections and had it storyboarded and designed little by little, while screenwriter Drew Goddard ('Cloverfield') would subsequently adapt these bits and pieces. Sounds like a machine-like process itself.