Todd Phillips, director of the new film 'Due Date,' told Cinematical that one of the reasons he took on the comedy was because he wanted to create some space between his 2009 blockbuster, 'The Hangover,' and its forthcoming sequel. "Well, there was a bunch of things, one being that I didn't necessarily want to do 'Hangover' and 'Hangover 2' back to back," Phillips said in an interview Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. "There was a lot of reasons, but obviously I love to do it, love to direct movies, and it was something we could get going quickly and get Robert [Downey Jr.]. And I was like, you know what? I'm just going to do this in between, so let's make it happen."

Cinematical spoke to Phillips at the press day for 'Due Date.' Look for more from Phillips in the weeks to come about that film, but in the meantime check out a few of the filmmaker's comments about 'The Hangover 2,' which is currently in production.
The Hangover 2
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An epic adventure ensues when Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug head to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Read More