Tony ScottPrevious speculation about a potential sequel to 1986's 'Top Gun' has understandably focused on the possibility of Tom Cruise returning as dog-fighting pilot Maverick. But now director Tony Scott has weighed in, and his vision for 'Top Gun 2' sounds like a much more grounded adventure.

While promoting his runaway train flick 'Unstoppable,' which opens November 12, Scott confirmed to HitFix that he is set to direct the 'Top Gun' sequel, though it won't be his next picture and, in fact, there's no script yet, much less any further word on Tom Cruise's involvement. Scott wants to explore the end of the fighter jet pilot era, as aerial warfare transitioned to ground-controlled drone aircraft. Evidently the director is fascinated by the idea of "computer geeks" playing war games, safe in a Nevada trailer, and then partying all night.
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