How to dress like one of the characters from 'Tron' for Halloween:

The Costume:
The neon-lit "Users" from the 1982 Disney classic 'Tron,' who are inside a software system's mainframe fighting alongside human Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) to thwart the plans of the evil Master Control Program, which intends to break into military mainframes and control the world.

What You'll Need:
If creating the most authentic, eye-catching 'Tron' costume is your objective then you've come to the right place. Thanks to the Internet meme, "Tron Guy," we have a starting point, but with the sequel 'TRON: Legacy' slated to open in December, many of you may want to upgrade.
TRON: Legacy
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Sam (Garrett Hedlund), son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges),finds himself in his father's cyberworld. Read More

In Theaters on July 9th, 1982

A video-game designer (Jeff Bridges) becomes part of an evil superuser's software inside a computer. Read More

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