When the director behind 'The Godfather,' 'The Conversation,' and 'Apocalypse Now' has his last two films -- 2007's 'Youth Without Youth' and 2009's 'Tetro' -- pretty much slip under the radar, what does he do? He slips right back, by quietly casting Val Kilmer as a horror novelist in a new thriller and filming it on his own Napa property.

Francis Ford Coppola is already shooting 'Twixt Now And Sunrise,' according to Deadline. Joining Kilmer in the cast is Elle Fanning (fresh off Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere') and Bruce Dern, and little is known about the plot beyond it being based on Coppola's own short story.

It's curious to see the filmmaker go back to independent and often personal projects of late, more curious that he's decided to do a genre picture (his first since his 1992 take on 'Dracula') and even more curious to hear that he sought out Kilmer for the lead role. The definition of a good sport in 'MacGruber,' a scene stealer in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,' and a badass in David Mamet's 'Spartan,' it could be nice to see Val get the spotlight proper again.

Or maybe, with its novelist protagonist, small setting and cast of three, it'll just end up being 'Secret Window Redux.' Let's hope, for Coppola's sake, that this isn't the case.
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