Raiders of the Lost ArkWill Indiana Jones be the next iconic character to be post-converted to 3D by George Lucas? Citing no sources, Blue Sky Disney claims that Lucasfilm will announce next month that the Indiana Jones films will be converted to third dimensionality and released "in a similar fashion as the 'Star Wars' films with 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' the first out of the gate." That would mean theatrical releases, spaced about a year apart, and presumably timed so as not to conflict with the 'Star Wars' 3D conversions.

While this is no more than a rumor right now, it is a perplexing idea. It presupposes that a new audience is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to pay top dollar to see old movies, set in an even older time period, all dolled up to look kinda / sorta fresh. Mike Sampson at points out that the films were "designed as a throwback to the classic film serials of the 30s and 40s." How would they benefit from being in 3D? Another question: Would Steven Spielberg support the post-conversion of any of his films to 3D?
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