Sometimes casting rumors just sound wrong. In this case it's Mark Wahlberg as the title character in a remake of 'The Crow.' Wahlberg doesn't need 'The Crow' on his resume and 'The Crow' doesn't need a star like Wahlberg. People are either going to see 'The Crow' remake/re-launch or they aren't (I lean toward "aren't"). Star power doesn't mean anything in this instance.

It didn't really mean anything the first time out in 1994. Brandon Lee was an action-movie nobody at the time of filming, and while his death brought extra attention to the movie, few bought a ticket because of Lee's acting. The movie was sold on a pretty great trailer, a strong soundtrack, and a trace amount of morbid curiosity (more on that in a bit). The film looked especially unique at the time, and audiences responded strongly.

'The Crow' is a damaged goods franchise and has been since 1996, when 'The Crow: City of Angels' sank like a stone in the late Summer box office doldrums. The first movie was thin enough, but the second one shaved its appeal even more by removing any of the original's humanity. There was no Ernie Hudson-type character to keep things grounded, and even the cute kid Sarah from the first one, who shares a likable relationship with Lee's undead superhero, is re-invented in the sequel as a gothic glamour girl.