WARNING: the following clip contains strong language.

By now, it's probably apparent that when Cinematical champions certain films, it's usually with good reason. Case in point: Chris Morris' 'Four Lions'. I really liked it at SXSW back in March, Scott really liked it at Sundance in January -- "grade-A high quality DARK comedy of the 'take no prisoners' variety" -- and starting next week, you'll get a chance to really like it yourself if/when the film comes to your town. (Release dates are listed along the right-hand side here, and if you just can't wait, Morris is doing a full-blown Stateside promotional tour that kicked off last night.)

'Lions' is a sharply satirical look at terrorism, focusing on four bumbling jihadists who are trying to orchestrate some sort of attack on London, but haven't a clue how to go about it. (One of them tries to plant a bomb on a crow, while another suggests blowing up "the Internet.") We're premiering a red-band clip below that offers a brief, profane look at what type of buffoonery awaits, especially whenever hotheaded Islamic convert Barry (Nigel Lindsay) tries to take charge.

The flagship release of Drafthouse Films (the very same minds behind the awesome Alamo Drafthouse theaters), 'Four Lions' goes into limited release on November 5th. Watch the red-band clip after the jump, and keep an eye out for our interview with Morris later on next week.
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Four Lions
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