Deadline reports that 'Get Smart' director Peter Segal has signed on to direct 'Grudge Match,' a comedy about two aging boxing rivals who are brought back into the ring for one final bout. The big question now is which elderly (we're talking in the age range of 60-70) actors will strap on the gloves and climb into the ring to punch the living daylights out of a fellow senior citizen? The original article dismisses the idea of a Robert De Niro vs. Sylvester Stallone situation (the duo had been rumored for the parts earlier in the month) and jokingly suggests a 'Bucket List' reunion between Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson (Segal has worked with Nicholson before on the 2003 comedy 'Anger Management,' so you never know).

In the spirit of what will surely be a film sold entirely on seeing two legendary actors face each other down, we've compiled several dream match-ups between aging legends, men who don't let broken hips and cataracts get in the way of their ass kicking!
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