The Film: 'Halloween' (1978)

The Scene: Just after arguably the eeriest opening credits in horrordom, we are dropped into a POV shot of a suburban household. The camera tracks around the house, peering into the windows to find a young girl making out with her amorous boyfriend on the couch. As they move the party upstairs to her room, the camera enters the house and moves through the kitchen. An enormous butcher knife is obtained from a drawer. The boyfriend exits and the camera slowly ascends the stairs. A clown mask is observed on the floor and a hand reaches out to snatch it. The camera perspective is then narrowed into two small eye holes as the presence moves into the girl's bedroom. Just as she turns to the camera and yells, "Michael," the hand raises and drops rapidly; repeatedly stabbing the girl until she lies dead on the floor. The camera then follows the killer out to the lawn where a car arrives, two adults climb out, and remove the mask from the lens. It's then that the perspective shifts to a standard close shot revealing that the vicious killer of that girl is her six-year-old brother.
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On a cold Halloween night in 1963, six year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his 17-year-old sister,... Read More

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