Yes, I know. You're all so very excited about the big 'Avatar' announcement. James Cameron is forgoing the perhaps ill-conceived idea of doing a 3-D period piece with Angelina Jolie in order to return to Pandora. And return he shall, not once but twice, filming 'Avatar 2' and 'Avatar 3' which we should see in theaters around the turn of the next century. After which, I'm sure we'll get to see Angelina seduce whichever poor sap they dupe into playing Marc Antony ... in 3-D! But I digress.

As some of you eagle-eyed readers may remember, the 'My Bloody Valentine' remake recently made a splash by becoming the first live-action film to be released on 3D Blu-ray. To clarify, 3D Blu-ray is a new format, based on the same Blu-ray technology that debuted in 2007, which allows for full color 3-D at home. While the initial Blu-ray release of 'My Bloody Valentine' included a 3-D version of the film, it was the older anaglyph 3-D technology which uses red/blue glasses. 3D Blu-ray is the same type of 3-D utilized in theaters these days, requiring clear glasses but delivering a much more enjoyable 3-D experience.

Up until now 3-D at home has been making relatively slow progress, most likely due to a paucity of available 3-D content. ESPN is making big waves in the live market, producing much of this year's World Cup coverage in three dimensions, but 3D Blu-ray is still limited to a handful of titles That could all change this holiday season, though.
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