It's that time of year again; another Halloween, another 'Saw' movie. For the seventh straight year, Lionsgate will deliver another film covering Jigsaw's exploits in attempt to test his victims' wills to live. Of course the series isn't only about the torturing of characters who likely won't make it through the film, there's also the long running story of Jigsaw himself, John Kramer, his battle with cancer and attempt to keep his venture alive even after he's passed on.

However, as significant as that portion of the franchise is, it's the dynamic and eerily inventive traps that will stick with us for years to come. There's the iconic bathroom trap from the first film, Addison's wrist trap from the second film, the pig vat from the third film and so many more. As cringe worthy as almost all of these nightmares may be, there are seven that are particularly memorable. Whether it be for the physical pain they involve, the twisted conception or the horrendous mental bearing the situation inflicts, these seven are the last seven you'd ever want to find yourself in.

7. The Venus Fly Trap, Michael, 'Saw II'
It's terrifying enough to wake up trapped in a dank room. Poor Michael wakes up in that dank room, not only alone and helpless, but with an eye ravaged and a rusty metal contraption on his head. Think that's bad? It gets worse. He tunes in to some Jigsaw TV only to find out that the only way he can escape is by finding the key – the key that's nestled nicely behind his bloody eye. As sensible as it seems to sacrifice a sole organ for an entire life, the thought of putting a scalpel to your own eye is downright terrifying and proved to be far too much for Michael to handle.
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