When you think of actor Dax Shepard, you might remember him in 'Idiocracy,' 'When in Rome,' 'Baby Mama' or more recently, the TV show 'Parenthood.' He plays comic roles, sometimes as a humorously not-so-bright guy. You don't think "action hero" or "martial-arts star." But in the movie 'Brother's Justice,' co-directed by Shepard and David Palmer, Shepard wants to change that perception. He's ready to be the next Bruce Willis or Jet Li, if only someone will give him the chance.

The movie is shot documentary style, with the cast all playing themselves. Shepard and his old friend, producer Nate Tuck, decide they want to make a movie Dax has thought up called 'Brother's Justice,' an action film in which Dax plays the hero. They approach a number of people to enlist in their project: Dax's agent, producer Andrew Panay ('Wedding Crashers'), director Jon Favreau, and to play the hero's brother, Ashton Kutcher. All of them are skeptical, because Dax is not really action-film leading man material, and because Dax's pitches of the movie range from nonexistent to barely coherent. Dax also approaches Tom Arnold, in one of the funnier scenes of the movie. However, Dax and Nate can't seem to find anyone who really wants to back Dax's great idea ... at least, not with Dax in the lead.