Now that the Academy nominates ten movies for Best Picture instead of five there is a greater potential scope for the kinds of films selected for contention. Last year showed us there's suddenly better chances for acclaimed genre flicks, particularly sci-fi, as well as popular animated features and quirky comedies few people have seen. What else is deserving that wouldn't have made the cut with just five nominees? Will there be room this year for a vampire flick, whether a well-reviewed remake or hot 'Twilight' sequel? Probably not. Maybe a foreign film? Perhaps. How about a documentary? The outlooks seems good on that one.

IndieWIRE's Peter Knegt proposes this could indeed be non-fiction's year for a shot at the top Oscar. Given our prior consideration that 2010 is the best year for documentary ever, we agree. The only problem, since there have been so many great films, would be choosing a single title to represent docs in the Best Picture category. Knegt says it will have to be something that's a cultural phenomenon more than just an acclaimed doc. And the closest thing to that (discounting 'Jackass 3-D') is Davis Guggenheim's 'Waiting for "Superman."'