At least Mike Tyson is honest enough not to judge Mel Gibson, his almost-costar in 'The Hangover 2.'

Some of his fellow cast members reportedly nixed Gibson's planned cameo in the film, but today's New York Post quotes Tyson as saying he was "100 percent" in favor of working with the scandal-plagued actor/director. "I'm not going to ever in my life point my finger at anyone. I don't live in a glass house. None of us do. I work with anybody, as long as they're respectful," the boxer said. "We all have that guy -- a Mel Gibson -- in us. We just don't want people to be exposed to it. Maybe he needs to go get help. We all need help, and need someone to talk to. I'm not against him, but I'm not for him."

Tyson seems more generous to Gibson than Gibson allegedly was towards him. A Post article from earlier this week quotes a source close to Gibson as saying, "He doesn't understand why Mike Tyson, a drug user who turned his life around, was given a chance while Mel was kicked to the curb. Everybody deserves a second chance."

Besides his drug past, Tyson is also a convicted rapist, something everyone in Hollywood seems to have forgotten, in no small part because his career rehab via cameo in 'The Hangover' was so well-executed. So Gibson is right to wonder why Hollywood (and the audience) forgives some celebrities but not others. Cinematical's Monica Bartyzel has come up with some possible reasons, but I believe the answer may lie with... Charlie Sheen.