Tom CruiseA few months ago, "everybody" thought Tom Cruise was a washed-up movie star. Then 'Knight & Day' opened and did brisk business. Now it seems like "everybody" wants him in their movie. Clever publicity moves or coincidental timing? Whatever the case, on the heels of hearing confirmation that 'Top Gun 2' is being built around his Maverick character, Deadline reports that Cruise is being sought for a supporting role in 'Rock of Ages.' Cruise would play a bartender and "get to belt out a bunch of 80s hair band tunes."

As we reported last year, Adam Shankman ('Hairspray') was hired to direct the adaptation of the Broadway musical about the romantic tribulations of a couple who meet and fall in love at a Hollywood club in the 1980s. Much big-hair music and mayhem ensue, accompanied by tunes some of us would rather forget. Shankman thinks of the musical as "'Mama Mia!' for dudes,' which should either excite or alarm you.
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