David Arquette, star of the new NASCAR-themed short film 'The Legend of Hallowdega,' told Cinematical that the upcoming sequel 'Scream 4' offers audiences a return to more traditional horror after a decade of extreme violence. "Since we hadn't done a film in ten years, there was a lot to draw from as far as other horror movies go, and just society in general," Arquette said via telephone Wednesday. "There's a commentary on media in general, and just entertainment. So there was a lot for Kevin Williamson to draw on and for Wes [Craven] to exploit, but it felt like the right time."

Arquette currently stars in 'The Legend of Hallowdega,' a short film directed by Terry Gilliam. While Gilliam's film is more of a supernatural comedy, at least judging by the mutton chops on Arquette's character, the actor said that 'Scream 4' is more straightforward, bringing the saga of Woodsboro and Sidney's family full circle. The tones of the two films are very different," Arquette observed. "I had just gotten back to rediscovering the humor of Dewey and what he was about, and this was like a complete u-turn and a completely different draw from my skill set. So it was fun to jump into a different world and character and explore that. It was really a gift, the whole thing."
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