If you're someone who sees the potential menace in stuffed or animated bears (Snuggle the fabric softener bear is absolutely terrifying and this poster is just bizarre ... ) then you're sure to become a huge fan of Misery Bear and the 'Dawn of the Ted' clip below.

The BBC Comedy bear is an adorable misanthrope whose mopey exploits are documented in a video series online by Roughcut Presents. Did we mention he's usually drunk? In this zombie-riffic clip, Misery Bear finds out what happens when you mix Jack Daniels and pumpkin carving. The creepy comedic bear ends up having boozy dreams about a trip to the graveyard. From there things turn gory when a horde of zombie bears come out to play. The whole thing is sort of reminiscent of another cute teddy bear gone awry -- Xbox 360/PlayStation 3's 'Naughty Bear.' The game is about a teddy gone terrible -- taking it upon himself to earn "naughty points" by doing numerous things that aren't cute at all .

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