It's a 21st century take on 'Creepshow' and a peek at the dark side of 'Paris, je t'aime.' It's a new horror anthology called 'Paris I'll Kill You,' and it features a bevy of horrormeisters taking a shot at the underbelly of the city of love.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,Joe Dante ('Gremlins,' 'The Hole'), Paco Plaza ('[Rec]') Vincenzo Natali ('Splice'), Xavier Gens ('Hitman'), Ryuhei Kitamura ('The Midnight Meat Train'), Christopher Smith ('Creep,' 'Triangle'), the directing duo Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo ('A L'Interieur') and German music video director Joern Heitmann have all signed on to direct segments of the film.
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