For better or for worse, the 'Saw' series has been the dominant horror series of the past decade. The serial killer named Jigsaw and his attempts to make his victims appreciate life by forcing them to survive nasty traps and torture devices has become borderline iconic. It's impact can be measured in its influence, on the sheer number of rip-offs it inspired and the debate over the merit of "torture porn' it started. This series has greeted Halloween moviegoers on a yearly basis for seven years now and like it or not, audiences have embraced this low-budget, schlocky series more known for it's sequences of brutal torture and bloodshed than its characters or story.

But reputation is one thing. What exactly are the 'Saw' films? Are they worthless trash? Are they fun little horror romps? Are they dangerous? Are they stupid? Are they worthwhile in the slightest? I had seen a few of the films, but I had seen them out of order and instantly forgotten them. With the newest (and supposedly final) entry in the series, 'Saw 3D,' on the horizon, it was time for me to take a new look at the 'Saw' series, to pass ultimate judgment on them.

It was time for me to watch all of the 'Saw' films in one sitting.
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