In this week's release of 'Monsters,' aliens have taken over half of Mexico after a NASA probe full of space samples crashed in the area, unleashing octopus aliens that no human weaponry can defeat. Two poor saps -- a journalist and his boss' daughter -- must make their way through the infected zone to the safety of the U.S. border.

This premise is quite similar to the killer 2006 South Korean horror film, 'Gwoemul,' or 'The Host' (which we just learned is getting a 3D sequel). The Park family finds themselves not facing aliens, but rather a giant killer tadpole-like creature (also the result of U.S. mishaps) who's jumped out of the waters to terrorize the folks of South Korea, and has kidnapped one of their own.

In our review back in the day, James Rocchi wrote: "it hits all the right bases. It's primal and post-modern, scary and slapstick, gory yet good-hearted. The Host may be lumpy and bumpy, but it's also one of the freshest monster movies we've had in decades -- and, to any creature-feature buff, a rocket-ride blast of the highest order." Hit the jump to get acquainted.