It seems almost unfathomable how an actor or filmmaker can maintain a sense of enthusiasm or insight after a couple of sequels – much less six of them. But on the eve of the release of 'Saw 3D,' the seventh installment in what has become the biggest and most successful horror franchise of the last decade, actor Tobin Bell, who plays iconic villain Jigsaw, shows only thoughtfulness, sincerity, and passion when asked to discuss details about his character. That his thoughts frequently returned to acting challenges rather than the films' logistical complexities reveals much about his resilient attitude: as long as there is something new to explore, the films never get old.

Cinematical caught up with Bell earlier this week via telephone to discuss 'Saw 3D,' which opens nationwide in theaters on Friday. In addition to talking about the ways the new film ties into its predecessors and wraps up its epic saga, Bell explained his ongoing approach to keeping Jigsaw interesting (for himself, at the very least), reflected on the experience of playing such a memorable villain, and offered a few reasons why he thinks that all in all, his character's behavior actually makes a lot of sense.