Activist Ric O'Barry has been crusading against dolphin captivity for more than forty years, but it was the Oscar-winning documentary 'The Cove'that really put him and his cause in the public eye. The 2009 film depicts a mission in which O'Barry and a team of fellow preservationists went to Japan to capture footage of dolphin slaughter and raise general awareness of an illegal fishing operation in Taiji, Wakayama. Since then he has also had a mini-series on Animal Planet in which he returned to the titular Taiji cove and also exposed a similar dolphin trade in the Solomon Islands. Now according to Deadline, the former trainer and actor will get to have his whole life unveiled on the big screen in a biopic from 'Poseidon' producers Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs along with Ric's son, Lincoln O'Barry, who produced and directed that Animal Planet series.

Is such a film necessary? And will it depreciate the value of 'The Cove'?