It's unfair to say that Roland Emmerich destroys the world in all of his movies ... he just destroys it in most of them.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the German maestro of blockbuster destruction, the man who blew up every national monument in 'Independence Day,' froze over the northern hemisphere in 'The Day After Tomorrow' and killed just about every human being on the face of the planet in '2012,' will be making himself another alien invasion movie. But what makes 'The Zone,' the name of this top-secret new project, so special?

Maybe it has something to with the fact that 'The Zone' will be a "found footage" film in the vein of 'Cloverfield' and cost less than $5 million. Maybe. Just maybe.

A small-budgeted science fiction movie is nothing new (the upcoming 'Skyline' was made for similar dough), but seeing a filmmaker make a movie on a budget that would have amounted to pocket change on many of his previous productions is always interesting, especially since most directors cut corners and cry stress-fueled tears of blood over their micro-budgeted films so they can get more money on their next film. Isn't that the reason why the found footage genre is an indie favorite? Because they're cheap to make and allow a filmmaker to hint at things that would have otherwise cost them an arm and a leg and a hundred million dollars? Why would Emmerich step down from his throne of bulging box office receipts to make a "small film"? What speculation can we wring from an only-slightly-damp cloth of information?