Pumpkin carving is a long-standing Halloween tradition as integral to the holiday as the decorating of the Christmas tree in late December. I fancied myself quite the skilled carver of Jack-o-Lanterns until my wife Toni, whose artistic skill is beyond measure, created a front stoop adornment that puts any of mine to shame.

First of all, I love that my movie geekness is slowly starting to rub off on her as she, entirely unprompted by the likes of me, took it upon herself to create the head of the homicidal alien from...'Alien.' When she decided to approach this creative endeavor, she knew that no mere pumpkin could contain the menacing awesomeness of that famous extraterrestrial. She therefore came home one afternoon with a gourd the size of a bobcat and set to work. She skinned it and molded it down to the right shape before carving out every tooth, jaw muscle, and head dome curve. I marvel at her painstaking attention to detail and I am proud to have this on the porch to scare the proverbial beJesus out of the trick-or-treating youngsters.

Bear in mind, there was no pattern for her to work with; no "Alien" gourd stencil to print off from the Internet and trace. She did this all by hand with only a blurry Google image on her phone to guide her. Perhaps this post is a bit indulgent, but I just thought I would shine a little light on my wife's talent and share this with a group of like-minded movie geeks. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Halloween!
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