Now you can experience a 3D movie like never your living room!


Now you can get a headache like never your living room!

Take your pick.

The Hollywood Reporter
has the story: Verizon's FiOS TV will have ten 3D movies available on demand in time for Christmas, making the decision to start focusing more on 3D movies after concentrating primarily on 3D sports programs earlier this year (they also released one film, 'My Bloody Valentine', on demand in 3D). So after you decorate the tree and hang the wreath, you and your extended family can gather around your 3D television and sullenly hand off the only two pairs of obscenely overpriced 3D glasses you could afford, watching a movie in shifts. 3D TV: bringing families together like never before!

The article is quick to point out that less than 1.6 million 3D TVs have shipped and even fewer specialized 3D glasses have been sold, suggesting that while people are interested in the technology, they may just be prepping for the day when everything is in 3D and, presumably, all of the accessories won't be so freakishly expensive.
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